E-Commerce Expert

Aditya Infosol is the best Web Designing & Development, Content Management, Domain & Hosting registration, software & Erp solutions and SMS services company in Surat & Kolkata , Gujarat & West Bengal, India which has worldwide (global) presence.

There are a variety of shopping carts ranging in price depending upon the features, e.g. degree of automation, level of security, database development, etc. We can direct you to some very affordable shopping cart programs that offer category wise product management and can be integrated with your website. Some solutions allow you to add, delete, and edit your own products, pictures, descriptions, and prices. TTG develops B2B and B2C e-Commerce solutions that are fully integrated with the company's existing business systems. We help businesses realize results from their e-commerce initiatives by building the framework, systems, tools, content, and compelling interface design required to empower customers to complete purchase transactions with ease and confidence. Our team is capable of handling all aspects of e-Commerce strategy and development, including end-to-end security, and integration with online payment.

Why you should be adding e-Commerce facilities to your web site?

Purchases can be made online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Ease of purchasing goods from home.

Your marketplace is very larger.

Payments for your goods and services can be made immediately.

Money is made immediately without waiting for checks to clear.

More convenient for day-to-day customers.

It can increase your profits and turnovers.

It reduces your overheads.

Transactions can be processed quicker.

You can quickly update prices.

More secure than a check.

Can increase your sales capability.

Can lead to increased profits.

Can lead to lower phone costs and cuts down on paperwork.

Can lead to automated customization of products, online by your customer.

Leads to increased productivity.